At Sprenger Geigenbau you will find a small but nice selection of electronic stringed instruments (e-strings, or silent strings) and pickups (pick-up).

Whether it’s an electric violin or other solutions for electric pickup on stringed instruments, we are glad to help you.


In contrast to numerous other electronic instruments such as electric guitars, keyboards, drums, etc., electronic string instruments consist of a complex interplay of various factors.

It is not just the right electronics that play a role, but it is also highly important that the technical playing characteristics of the classic stringed instrument are retained.

An electric violin with a badly fitted bridge, creaking pegs, clattering strings and badly prepared fingerboard cannot work properly and will therefore not be of any joy to play.

Unfortunately, even high-end e-strings out of factory are in a condition that cannot convince. It is only through post-processing in our workshops, that a properly working electronic stringed instrument is created. At Sprenger Geigenbau, e-strings are prepared with the same professional care as acoustic instruments.

Despite the additional work invested in the instruments, we can offer you these instruments at an excellent price / performance ratio.


At Sprenger Geigenbau you can also rent electronic violins and cellos.


With a pickup you can easily electronically amplify your acoustic instrument.

When choosing the right pick-up, there are also numerous questions that we will be happy to answer. There are various solutions. Some of them do not even require an intervention on the classic acoustic instrument and do not have to be permanently installed.