Rental instruments

rent a violin, rent a cello, rent a double bass

Sprenger Geigenbau rents out in both our workshops in St. Gallen or Berne violins, violas, cellos or double basses in all sizes and price categories for players of all levels in both of our shops. Our rental scheme offers you excellent conditions for violins, violas, cellos or double basses (see below). This for both children and adults. It is rarely too early and never too late to learn a stringed instrument.

You can also rent electronic violins or cellos. The rental prices are for one month, for a set consisting of instrument, bow, case or cover and rosin. The monthly fee shown below covers the rent of the instrument, bow and case/ cover, plus rosin. A quality endpin strap for the cello or a shoulder rest made by KUN or Wolf for the violin and viola are also included.

Each instrument is carefully set up in our dedicated workshops and is handed out to the customer in optimal condition. Therefore ensuring that even the simplest violin, viola or cello performs to its optimum potential. We only rent out quality instruments, mainly of European origin.

rent a violin, rent a cello, rent a double bass

It is very important that an instrument for beginners is carefully “set-up”, has correct dimensions and good quality strings. Otherwise the joy of playing will be lost very quickly.

There are numerous factors which influence the playability of a stringed instrument. Only in the very rarest of cases are these factors correct for cheap instruments. That is why we recommend renting a good instrument until you are sure that you want to stick with it. Then your own instrument can be bought. At this point you have already saved up a nice credit with our very customer-friendly and flexible rental system as 70 to 100 percent of the rental expenses will be taken into account in the event of a purchase.

We are also happy to advise you on the question of a suitable insurance policy for your rented violin, viola, cello or double bass.

Rental prices per month
Violin:1/16 until 3/4from Fr. 16.- up
 4/4from Fr. 25.- up
Viola: from Fr. 30.- up
Cello:1/8 until 3/4from Fr. 30.- up
 4/4from Fr. 35.- up
Double Bass: from Fr. 45.- up
Approximate size guide


– you play the 1/8 violin until you are about 6 years old
– the 1/4 violin between 6 and about 8 years
– the 1/2 violin between 8 and about 10 years
– from about 13 years on you can switch to the 4/4 violin

We or your music teacher will be happy to advise you.


The minimum rental period is 4 or 6 months (depending on the size of the instrument), a shorter rental period is possible by arrangement.

If an instrument is purchased within a rental period of one year, 100% of the paid rental fee will be taken in account. From one year on, 70% of the total paid rent will be credited. You can buy an instrument other than the rented one. A maximum of half of the price of the instrument selected for purchase can be taken in account, even if the actual credit would be greater.

Almost any instrument from our extensive range can be rented at excellent conditions.