Repair / Restoration

Any kind of maintenance work, repair or restoration of all string instruments and bows is carried out in our workshops with the utmost care, expertise and conscientiousness. We apply restoration practices of the very highest quality, precision and craftsmanship, balancing forward thinking with tradition and conservation.

Of course, we will provide you with a free estimate in advance which will inform you about the expected costs.

Thanks to continuous training and the exchange with professional colleagues, we are able to find the optimal solution for any instrument and bow. This may be with regard to the costs incurred, but above all to maintain or improve the quality and sound of your instrument or bow.

On request we can also carry out a réglage (tone adjustment) on your instrument. In doing so, we intensively consider the customer’s ideas and take the necessary time and effort. It is very important, especially in the case of a réglage, to combine the experience of the luthier completely with the wishes of the musician and to optimize the instrument without time pressure.

We are happy to assist you.