Atelier Bern

Atelier Bern

Since 1998 you can find Sprenger Geigenbau in Bern. In our spacious and luminous premises the experienced Daniel Kunzmann and Andreas Kürzi are on hand to offer you expert help and advice.

In our shop in Bern you will find a wide range of stringed instruments and bows made by masters of numerous schools, as well as fine student instruments and very good rental conditions. Of course we do also offer a wide range of cases, bags, strings and accessories.

The highest quality repair and restoration work is carried out as well as written or spoken valuations.


Any kind of maintenance work, repair or restoration of all stringed instruments and bows is carried out with the utmost care, expertise and conscientiousness. We apply restoration practices of the very highest quality, precision and craftsmanship, balancing forward thinking with tradition and conservation.

Of course, we will provide you with a free estimate in advance which will inform you about the expected costs.

You can also benefit from our excellent rental conditions for our very well-kept rental instruments (Rental violin, rental violin, rental viola, rental cello, double bass).

We offer an excellent tonal adjustment service. Daniel Kunzmann and Andreas Kürzi are more than happy to advise you in an environment free of time constraints. They work with the musician to bring out the particular tone and characteristics desired of their instrument.

Thanks to the long tradition of Switzerland’s oldest violin shop Sprenger Geigenbau, you can be certain, that you are well served in our premises in Bern. In more than 100 years, four generations have gathered an extensive collection of instruments and comprehensive expert knowledge.

Daniel Kunzmann

Since 2010, Daniel Kunzmann is leading this workshop. The highly experienced violin making master previously worked for over 30 years in several well-known ateliers, including more than 20 years as a workshop leader. 

Constant further training as well as a regular and intensive dialogue with colleagues and experts complete his great dedication to our fascinating profession.

Daniel Kunzmann appreciates the precise work on the instrument but especially on its bow. His exact bow rehairing is highly valued by numerous well-known musicians and amateurs. Giving expert advice to our customers means also a lot to him.

In his spare time, Daniel Kunzmann plays passionately the cello at a high level.

Andreas Kürzi

Andreas Kürzi has been working for Sprenger Geigenbau for more than 25 years. Before that and in the early days, he also worked for other well-known violin shops in Switzerland and abroad.


In his more than 35 years of working as a violin maker, repairer and restorer, Andreas Kürzi has acquired a wealth of experience.


In addition to extensive restorations and repairs to high-quality and fine instruments, he is also dedicated to the construction of viols. The professional advice to our customers means a lot to him too.


Andreas Kürzi is in constant contact with colleagues at home and abroad to keep his specialist knowledge up to date.

Elisabeth Veit

Elisabeth Veit is supporting our workshop in Bern since September 2021. After completing her studies in musicology and oriental archaeology, the enthusiastic violinist trained as a violin maker at the violin making school in Klingenthal (Germany). She successfully completed this study in the summer of 2021, after which Elisabeth Veit then came directly to our shop.

She mainly dedicates herself with great care of our rental, student and stock instruments and is looking forward to the many new challenges at Sprenger Geigenbau.

Atelier Bern

Sprenger AG Geigenbau
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